In opening a women’s wear boutique in 2003, my dream was to bring wonderful lines of clothing to Saugeen Shores. Unique clothing that shows character, imagination and that helps women express themselves with style, verve and confidence. In making this dream a reality, I drew on my personal experience in coming from a family of seven girls, all of us of the boomer generation. I knew that to meet the fashion needs of such dynamic women, only a mix of elegance and comfort would do. Clothing that transcends fads, age and can be embraced by our daughters and mothers as well.

Delores Sullivan in front of the Duomo, Florence Italy

An important part of this dream was to be able to create a strong business that would allow me to give back to the community in which I lived and worked. With thanks to our loyal customers this has been more than possible with donations in support of health, culture and the arts. This dream has been made into a reality only with the help of a caring and supportive staff that I am most grateful for. Together with our clients, we intend to keep creating fashionable inspirations in this beautiful lakeside community of Southampton.