Schendel & Sullivan has been sold

Schendel and Sullivan Shoes located on High Street in Southampton has been sold.

"After four fabulous years of owning Schendel and Sullivan Shoes," says Paul Schendel, "it's time to move on to other things."

The store was started by Schendel and Delores Sullivan, who owns Sisters high-fashion store for women directly across the street, as a complement for dressing the complete woman, head to toe.

The store has been purchased by two young women, Lane McMeekin and Lindsay George, who officially take over August 27th. Until then, everything in the store is on sale and any remaining stock will be sold at the upcoming Sisters' Warehouse Sale at the end of August.

"After everything is finalized and the takeover is complete," says Schendel, "I'll take a little time off but, I know that Delores will keep me busy!"

Paul Schendel

Paul Schendel